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We're partnering with HundredX Causes™ for a special campaign, which allows us to raise crucial funds without requesting direct financial contributions from you.

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Scan the QR code OR text GIVE to 90412

Here's how it works:


Feedback for Funds: By completing simple surveys about brands and services, you'll be directly contributing funds to Operation Baby. For each survey you complete, we receive financial support.


Maximize Your Impact: Each of you has the potential to complete up to 25 surveys per day, with a cap at 75 total. By fully utilizing this opportunity, you can individually raise approximately $120 for Operation Baby!


Spread the Word: While your contribution is invaluable, imagine the impact if everyone in your circle joined in. We urge you to share this initiative with friends, family, and anyone in your network. Every survey completed is a step closer to our goal.

Goal: 10,000 surveys

For every survey you complete, we receive money, and you can complete up to 25 surveys per day, with a cap of 75 in total. That means if you complete all 75 surveys, you'll raise around $120 for our organization!


The surveys are extremely easy to fill out and only take a few minutes each - perfect for while you’re watching tv or scrolling at night. Also, your information and responses are completely anonymous so don’t worry about getting targeted with ads or any other spam.

Ready to get started?

1) Are you at least 18 years of age and reside in the United States? If yes - you are a candidate to join our campaign!

2) Sign up and create your account! Text GIVE to 90412 or visit to get started. Make sure you select Operation Baby Foundation in the drop-down list of causes when signing up!

3) Start giving feedback immediately! You can do up to 25 surveys per day and 75 total surveys. Take it a few a day over 11/1-12/5 or knock them out over 3 days! Up to you.

4) Share our campaign with your network! Imagine the impact if we got all of our circles to share their voice!

Important Notes:

Surveys will only be accepted with "acceptable feedback." What are some feedback best practices that will guarantee your surveys will produce funds for Operation Baby?

  • Take your time! Carefully read each question and choose the option that mostly reflects your recent experience. 

  • Provide your honest opinion

  • Select brands and businesses you have interacted with within the last 6 months 

  • Spread your feedback over the course of the campaign (5-10 surveys at a time)

  • Most surveys only take 60-90 seconds to give!!!

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